Stakeholder Engagement

Even if people with health conditions achieve their optimal level of functioning after receiving rehabilitation services and using appropriate assistive products, their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others is still compromised by many barriers.

By supporting and empowering government and non-government actors including community members, USAID Okard foresees that stakeholder will engage in taking tangible actions to remove barriers. By encouraging the ownership of these actions by stakeholder, we contribute to a sustainable disability inclusive development.

If at central level USAID Okard supports the National Committee of Persons with Disabilities and Elderly (NCDE) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and the Department of Health Care and Rehabilitation (DHR) of the Ministry of Health to disseminate laws and operationalize national strategies; at community level, USAID Okard also supports Civil Society Organizations to mobilize community actors and facilitate dialogues on inclusion. Moreover, the Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) model piloted by USAID Okard supports the creation of self-help groups at grassroot level that contribute to remove barriers in their community.

USAID Okard designed a strategy for Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) based on findings of a large consultation of a very diverse representative of the Lao society. Different groups address behavior change toward disability inclusions using different approaches and media.

USAID Okard will strengthen 350 government-assisted organizations and/or service delivery systems that serve vulnerable persons and train 2,200 service providers who serve vulnerable populations.


Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare’s National Committee for Disabled People and the Elderly and Ministry of Health’s Department of Healthcare and Rehabilitation and their provincial and district level offices.

Civil Society Organizations including Organization of People with Disabilities

Self Help Groups and community members