Community Based Inclusive Development

The Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) demonstration model cuts across the health, economic empowerment, and stakeholder engagement components of USAID Okard through case management and community mobilization. USAID Okard trained staff from two local nonprofits to become CBID facilitators, who carry out CBID activities in the two target districts. CBID facilitators from the Quality of Life Association work in Kham district, Xieng Khouang province, and CBID facilitators from the Association for Rural Mobilization and Improvement in Xaypouthong district, Savannakhet province. 

 Case management CBID connects the systems-level improvements to individual persons with disabilities and their households, helping them access the services they need to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. Because it is often not the disability that restricts a person’s optimal functioning and opportunities in life, but the society’s disabling environment and attitude, community mobilization works with families, communities, local authorities, and relevant service providers to understand the barriers facing persons with disabilities and to create a more inclusive communities. The CBID model also implements and tests the National Disability Policy and the National Rehabilitation Strategy at the community level, strengthening government systems and decision-making in support of these policies.


Quality of Life Association
Association for Rural Mobilization and Improvement