World Education Laos is a field office of World Education, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in the United States. World Education is dedicated to engaging and empowering communities, families, and individuals through programs in education, health, mine action, and economic development. World Education Laos’ programs are designed to build capacity, promote self-sufficiency, and increase inclusion of all persons in Lao PDR.

UXO Education and Awareness - young children listen to a presentationEconomic development - man holds up documents
Disability Inclusion - two youths play wheelchair basketballUXO Victims Assistance - male amputees sit together in a room


World Education in the Lao PDR - 2016 Impact Report By December 2016... The UXO Education and Awareness Project trained over 1,080 teachers and educated 300,000 children about protecting themselves and their peers from UXO. The UXO Victims Assistance Project supported more than 1,000 UXO survivors with their emergency medical costs and trained 800 UXO survivors in financial literacy. The Resilient Livelihoods for the Poor Project distributed micro-enterprise assets to 400 households, benefiting more than 2,000 people. And the Training, Economic empowerment, Assistive technology, and Medical rehabilitation (TEAM) Project increased the economic self-sufficiency of 870 persons with disabilities and trained 2,199 individuals in medical rehabilitation. Learn more.