13 core trainers in action!

Rehabilitation is a key health strategy for the entire population addressing the broad needs of people who have difficulties in functioning across the human lifespan, not just for persons with disabilities.

After a six-week training on essential rehabilitation services at Chiang Mai University, supported by USAID and World Education Laos,13 health and rehabilitation professionals commonly known as core trainers are now ready to train more than 150 doctors and nurses from provincial and district hospitals. Equipped with their new pedagogical and training skills and rehabilitation knowledge, they are now working with USAID Okard to develop and deliver in-service training, which they will then provide to 150 doctors and nurses across Laos. This will make these much needed life-saving services cheaper and available to access for communities at every district, regardless of cause.
On 18-19 January 2023, 13 core trainers debuted their first training sessions observed by Chiang Mai University to health professionals from central hospitals to learn about the introduction to rehabilitation, key concepts related to it, and how it is important for the growing local need for rehabilitation connected to the WHO Rehabilitation 2030 Initiative recommendations and the objectives of the Ministry of Health Rehabilitation Medicine Strategy (2018-2025).

USAID Okard, funded by USAID and implemented by World Education, Inc., in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion, improves access to quality rehabilitation and economic opportunities for persons with disabilities, and supports design and implementation of disabilities inclusive policy.

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