TEAM – Training, Economic Empowerment, Assistive Technology and Medical and Physical Rehabilitation (2014-2017)


The TEAM project holds a ceremony to award its first 7 sub-grants to organizations in the disability sector in Laos. May 2015.

The World Education Laos TEAM project enabled Persons with Disabilities, especially women and girls, to attain and maintain maximum independence to fully and equally participate in all aspects of life. The approach for this project used a social model of disability and focused on four main components: Training, Economic Empowerment, Assistive Technology, and Medical and Physical Rehabilitation. The four of these together allowed the TEAM project to take a comprehensive social, right-based approach to improving services and have a positive effect on the quality of life and social inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Laos.

Funded by USAID through JSI’s Advancing Partner’s and Communities program, TEAM awarded sub-grants to 15 local non-profit associations and international NGOs to implement projects that supported the development of the rehabilitation and disability sector. The partners collaborated to enhance the overall impact of all activities and create an environment in which Persons with Disabilities can access a wider range of services. The TEAM project further worked to strengthen the capacity of small partners to ensure organizational sustainability and increase effectiveness of organizations and programs that serve Persons with Disabilities.

Sub-grant partner project activities included:

TEAM Project closing ceremony featuring World Education Laos and sub-grantees’ collective efforts and impact. 2017.

  • Vocational training for women with disabilities
  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Psychosocial support for Persons with Disabilities and caregivers
  • Awareness raising and training on autism spectrum disorder
  • Training for medical and physical rehabilitation staff
  • Job readiness training, job placement, and follow up support for Persons with Disabilities
  • Inclusive education plans for children with disabilities
  • Physical rehabilitation services and surgical/medical treatment for Persons with Disabilities
  • Training for medical staff on early detection of impairments
  • Livelihoods development trainings, small business management/financial management training, and provision of grants to help Persons with Disabilities start running their own business
  • Disability rights and equality trainings for employers, government staff, and village leaders to encourage them to become advocates for change and inclusion
  • Provision of assistive devices ranging from wheelchairs to devices for daily living to communication technology
  • National Disability Policy and Strategy development and consultation workshops

To learn more about the achievements of TEAM, check out the documents, e-book, and video below:

TEAM Outputs

TEAM Impact

Celebrating Diversity E-Book







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