Working side-by-side with the private sector and OPDs to increase employability for people with disabilities in Lao PDR

A recent survey conducted in Vientiane by USAID Okard revealed that on-the-job skills development is the preferred model by people with disabilities rather than formal vocational training centers. Based on this conclusion, and to better understand and meet the needs and capability of both employers and job seekers with disabilities, the Okard team interviewed 16 employers from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and representatives of OPDs.

This consultation confirmed that some employers already have a pre-employment training program for newly recruited staff but still need guidance to hire and train people with disabilities.

For these employers, Okard is developing a package of inclusive employment advisory services consisting of sessions on diversity, equity and disability inclusion, reasonable accommodation, and accessibility. This training package will be delivered to employers and employees by local service providers contracted by Okard.

Employers who don’t have the pre-employment training program, confirmed their great interest in receiving Okard support for a 6-month on-the-job internship program together with the package of inclusive employment advisory services.

It is expected that this consultative approach will increase the inclusive employment opportunities and the employability for persons with disabilities in Lao PDR.

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