Another significant advancement for persons with disabilities in disability law in Laos!

Did you know that persons with disabilities in Laos have the same rights and duties as others? This includes access to healthcare, economic opportunities, and information. However, ensuring they are fully aware of their rights is crucial.
On May 10, 2024, with support from the Okard project, funded by USAID, the Department of Policy for Devotees, Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, organized a Dissemination Workshop on Disabilities Law with line ministries, and related sectors.
The workshop did not just aim to present the disability law and related regulations and share results on access to vocational training for persons with disabilities. It also engaged in discussions on effective ways to disseminate information about disability law ensuring that persons with disabilities know their rights and laws that safeguard them, enabling them to access resources and opportunity fully. Let’s work together to support inclusion for all!
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